Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Me, Myself and Me Again

It's so great to be young. Everything seems to be about me. The world seems to revolve around me. I am destined to be the next big thing in this world. Bill Gates, you're not rich enough. Hitler, you weren't powerful enough. I'm going to beat you all!

My parents raised me? Why, they only did their duty. It was their problem after all, giving birth to me. If the odds were against them then why fool around and take responsibility for a child?

I've pretty much made myself. They gave me just food and shelter. I have made me what I am. Love? No they never gave me love! They knew I'd be a great person once I grew up. They were just investing in the golden goose that is me. Nobody loves without reason after all. In fact they've given me such a hard time! Curfews, rules, restrictions -- Oh, the suffocation!!

So when I'm here eating my lavish dinner at Oberoi, my mother can barely cook her curry. She eats it half-cooked as she can't stand for long. She doesn't like hotel food, and I can't live without it forever you know. Jacks gotta play too, or he'll be a dull boy.

The old man stands next to me in the train pleading, knees shivering, for a place to sit for a while. Why should I? I did all the hard work jumping into the running train. Buzz off old man!

What are you saying? I'll never be so weak and helpless! Even if I do, I'm sure my children will take care of me. I've invested so much in them after all...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sids comin back soon...

Very Very soon....me counting days since a month now....
BRACE urself PPL :D:D:D

ok zaada ho gaya :P
but me very happy :):):)