Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Title needs explaining

Nothing much really. It just questions the reality of a God, reality of the control He has in our life. Are we that important that he would think about us? Why does God only think about humans? Why do Gods look like humans? Or talk like humans?

Everything around us is a very intricate pattern. So intricate that to a finite view it is random. The pattern is a series of actions and reactions. So who started the action? God? So He started the chain by creating the Universe? So who created Him?

There's so many "Gods". So many forms. All those forms so conflicting in nature that it questions their existence altogether at times.

So finally the question remains, what are we living for, the Random Divine, the randomly chosen God, or the Divine Randomness, the chaos, that we worship day in and day out.

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diya said...

my actual reply will come in d form of a post....which i had started but cudnt complete.....some nite soon after exams will complete :D