Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Seven things I wanna do before I die

1. Buy/Build an Airlines.
2. Go to Badrinath for a trek
3. Complete my classical dancing training.
4. Learn to play violin.
5. Bungee jump :D:D
6. Make/build/buy something to pass on to my kids.
7. Figure out what i wanna pass down my kids :P

Seven things I can do

1. Watch tv/movies.
2. I can cheer people up .
3. Make tea/coffee.
4. I can dance kinda ok-ok.
5. I read a lot.
6. I am a good listener anyone can talk to me ,about anything with no fear of what will i think etc.
7. Learn about something new.

Seven things I say the most

1. Flip
2. Hey bhagwaaaaaaaan
3. Ab kya?
4. liar liar pants on fire :))
5. Oye
6. Aiyye (This... coz i m a mallu:P)
7. Arrerreee

Seven things I cant do

1. Stay sad for long.
2. Stay without talking to sid for long........ thr is a limit after which i get impatient
3. Cant cook that well but then very soon i m gonna be mastering it so.....
4. I cant tolerate ppl cry coz I myself am very cranky n the most funny part is I start crying even if i c some1 else cry :P
5. I can never be melodramatic :)) about anything.
6. I can never manage accounts :((
7. I m not very open about wat I feel.....I wud rather keep things to myself

Seven things that attract me about opposite sex

1. INTELLIGENCE (well ppl dont matter 2 me till i have spoken to them n the first thing that strikes is how fast they think)
2. The way they carry themselves(includes looks too :D)
3. Etiquettes (I go gaga over true gentlemen :D)
4. Height
5. Humor
6. Voice
7. might find this weird but i feel a prominent collar bone looks awesome

Seven celebrity crushes

2. Amitabh Bacchan
3. Ajay Devgan
4. Milind Soman
5. Russell Crowe
6. Brendan Fresar
7. Al Pacino

Seven people I wanna tag

1. Rhushikesh Pandit
2. Vaishakhi Sawant
3. Keyur Kachadia
4. Manish Khanduri :">
5. Swapneel Malpekar
6. Suchi
7. Isha

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