Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Land of dreams or Land of Despair....

Floods, serial blasts...the daily turmoil of a Mumbaikar is not enough that such dastardly acts keep occurring at regular intervals.

Close to 500 crores for flood relief and amendments simply buoy up the politicians' bank balances. Need anything be said more about the dreadful state of the financial capital of the country.
Well a lot has been said about the 'courage' of the Mumbaikars but please will someone take note of what is happening around and do something about it and stop patting our backs...what we are doing is simply our means of survival. Our only accomplishment is the tremendous kinship - the feeling that we ought to be of some help to our fellow citizens in a crisis like this (or should I make it plural)
News is out that the police were suspecting incidents like these to questions asked why no one bothered before. It would be stupid to ask, wouldn’t it?

The Task Force is today busy concentrating on the protection for the leaders of the political parties..well they r having a free campaign of sorts for their respective parties as well....everyone has something to gain here isn’t it? Only if they could resolve differences and come together to do something worthwhile…
Almost every alternate year mumbai has seen a minimum of 1 blast since the communal riots in the 90s, is the report.
This time 7 blasts, in a matter of 11 minutes across major stations on the western line killing many, injuring many more. 189 (the known stats) lives lost and many manyyyyyy injured for life not to mention the psychological damages to people and of course the financial damages to the economy as the price we have to pay for I don’t know what.

Mumbai , once not long ago touted as the place where dreams take the face of reality today has no buyers. People are looking to move out. Very soon,this place will be bereft of the "brave" crowd. The educated youth are flying abroad or are left at the peril of the power games going on in every arena in India. Politics and politicians are set out to ruin.

For the immense love of this city that I was brought up in I stand here with no clue as to what to do ........
And before I end this emotional outburst it would help if people could think "human" first and then "religion".


Siddhesh said...

Well said... gotta love the "Mumbai Spirit" which is alive only because it's the only way to earn a living. It will die some day and the netas will wonder of would had been.

Akshay said...

Well said.. The sad part in this tragedy is not the lives lost, but no action will ever be taken and we will remain sitting ducks.. waiting for someone else to blow us up again. I guess this is the difference between us and the Americans. After 9/11 they went after those terrorists.. and since then nothing major has happened on US soil. I dont think we can expect this from our "peace loving" netas.