Sunday, June 17, 2007

Divided we stand

The strife for complete equality and non-discrimination will never work. The simple reason for that is that we always fall into groups and point fingers at each other. If it's not race, then it's money, gender, education, educational streams, geographical locations, age, disabilities, or even technological preferences.

If all else fails, there's always physical looks and/or skin colour.


Diya said...

yes...n this calls for a change of template :D

Siddhesh said...

hmm... so black is back... good :)

Abhijit said...

Hey're a hard one to get hold of!

I've tried your cellphone atleast 6 times today, only to be told "the number is not valid" at some times, "your call is on wait" at others.

Anyways, here's wishing you a very happy birthday, and many happy returns! Hope you've had a good time.

25, man....its all downhill from here :)


Abhijit said...

Check out this announcement...I figured you'd want to attend.


Anonymous said...

hello there,
great work done by you on antidialer.
But as sify changed the protocals for dialer,
this is not working.
Are you planning any new release of this dialer for linux.

best wishes

Siddhesh said...

Thanks. Just call Sify and tell them you're using linux and are not able top login using sifyconnect (don't tell them you're using antidialer or any third party dialer). They will do the needful.

Also, the new protocol uses some cryptography, which brings legal matters into the picture. Hence no one is willing to reverse engineer the new protocol lest it brings trouble for them.

Hence no support for the new protocol yet since it isn't even really needed yet.