Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm back. Finally

Alright. I'm finally back where I belong. Took a bit of a break from my computer after my exams to relax my eyes.

And boy did I come back! I built XFce4 from source today and wowww!!! This desktop really flies!!! Really amazing speed and smoothness. Its probably not as feature-rich as the Gnomes and KDEs, but its got everything that you will need. If there's something missing then you can import that functionality from a gnome app. And it will just run, without any lag. Its really worth a try:

I got so excited with the speed of XFce that I decided to build firefox from source too, to make it *fly*. The tarball was 32 MB. It decompressed to almost 300 MB. And when I built it, it took me almost 2:30 hours (I left it alone after 2:30 hours, so it may have even gone to 3-4 hours) on my celeron (500MHz, 192 Megs RAM), took up 1 GB of disk space, leaving only 100 MB free, and as a grand finale, exited with an error. So that was it. clear. rm -rf mozilla.

Tomorrow I may try out Gaim. Infact I might try looking into the sources of Gaim. I tried to in XFce; tinkered with the source a bit. I'll try to be a bit more serious about it with Gaim and try to understand it better.


diya said...

welcome back sweetheart

Anonymous said...

try mockup project